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For a harmonious everyday life

with young children

To ensure a

quality childcare service


Family coaching, support and tailor-made training services

to improve your educational skills


To improve the daily lives and effectiveness of parents, educators, and child care providers. To intervene based on your needs and availability, at any time of the day and in the evening, even on weekends.

I want for you as much as for children, more pleasure, self-esteem and satisfaction. 


« Lorraine fixed my son’s sleeping problem; she helped us regain confidence as well as our son’s. She is very sensitive to our needs and more importantly, readily available to answer our questions rapidly ! »



Mother of Liam, 1 y.old

Soulanges area



« Lorraine is very patient and a great listener. She takes the time to fully understand our needs and family challenges. She always offers realistic solution avenues which also fit our situation ».



Mother of Gabriel, 4 y.old

Vaudreuil area



« Lorraine made friends with our 2½ y.old in just minutes, and she identified solutions to help us effectively ».



Father of Logan, 

Soulanges area

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Your needs? Your goals?

  • Easier times at bedtime, meals, departures ?

  • Less "temper tantrums" ?

  • Not to have to repeat your requests three, four, five times ?

  • Living better...

- potty training ?

- Daycare: integration, adaptation, problems ?

- their nights and yours...sleeping?

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Your needs? Your goals?

  • Knowing what to do with a particularly demanding child.

  • Creating effective play areas at a low cost.

  • Improve parents ' collaboration and respect of your policies.

  • Improving the functioning of a particularly turbulent group.

  • Knowing how to simply apply the Ministère de la famille program.

  • Reducing the crying of a new child on arrival and during the day.

  • Minimizing biting between children and how to intervene with the parents.

  • Making routine activities more enjoyable and more effective.

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(514) 895-6832

Thank you! I will be in touch shortly.

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