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My family coaching service is:

  1. A free phone call to assess your needs.  ​

  2. First session at your home. . You and I set out objectives you want to achieve and I give you some avenues for intervention.  

  3. Second session, one or two weeks later, at your home or by videoconference I provide you with a comprehensive action plan. I explain it to you, give you or lend you tools, give you examples, make demonstrations and make you practice.

  4. We meet again to evaluate together the progress towards achieving your goals. I provide you with additional help as needed. 


A family coaching approach includes on average, 

4 to 6 meetings in person,. by phone or videoconference.

Once you have reached your goals at a level that is satisfactory to you,

my work is over, yours continues in confidence and pleasure!

Cost of services


Receipts for private insurance and tax returns

Service at home or videoconference

$ 115,00 / hour  (taxes incl).

Fees are payable at the end of each session by Interac transfer, cash or cheque.


Service by telephone

Call of 20 minutes     $40,00 (tx incl).

Call of 40 minutes     $60,00 (tx incl).

Fees are payable prior to the call by Interac transfer. 

Workshops and conferences

$ 115,00 / hour

Travel fees in Vaudreuil-Soulanges and Beauharnois-Salaberry are included. Beyond these territories, an additional $0,50 /km fee is charged. 

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